ASK overview;

ASK Contracting Inc. is made up of about 40 hard working men and women. Each and every day; rain, shine, sleet or snow we are out there making things safer, cleaning up, visually enhancing, or just maintaining.


Our crews work around the clock doing many different tasks, much of what we do happens at night or very early in the mornings.


We are a 24 x 7 company even on holidays we are out there getting things done.


ASK has crews set up with tools and equipment in various key locations through-out Southern British Columbia.


ASK is technologically in tune, our crews collect and submit site data daily. Things like current temperatures, weather conditions, random pictures, even  daily deficiencies (IE.  graffiti - vehicle damages) all is recorded and pictures are submitted online. If for any reason something is needed in the future any site information is just a click away.


Rest assured if you are a property owner or manager, if you call ASK,  your job will be done on time and within Budget!



Fully insured and qualified

Call ASK Contracting Inc. on our 24 hour line at 1-800-514-1442

ASK Contracting Inc.









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