ASK Contracting Inc.







Services include but are not limited to the below,


1. Power Sweeping,

-this is for any parking garage, parking lot or roadway.


2. Power Washing,

- this is for pretty much any surface, IE walkways, walls, compactors, garbage rooms, driveways, or...


3. Complete Landscaping Services,

- A full line of landscaping services includes mowing, weeding, pruning, fertilizing, plus, plus...


4. Grounds  Maintenance / Daily litter patrol

- this is for any size lot or area, any amount of frequency, IE daily, weekly, bi-weekly  or...


5. Power Scrubbing

- this is a deep cleaning specifically for closed parking garages in Commercial or multi residential buildings,


6. Building Maintenance and Repairs

- this includes fixing and repairing almost anything  including, stucco, drywall, concrete, doors and hardware, windows and gutters, tiles and grout, VCT. docks,


7. Irrigation Maintenance and Repairs,

includes repairs and maintenance along with trouble shooting of irrigation systems, Winterizing and spring start ups.


8. Blacktop Maintenance and Repairs including Crack Sealing

- Includes filling of pot holes, serious crack repair, Crack sealing,


9. Curb supply - repairs and installations

- includes concrete repairs, supply and installing of new bumper curbs for parking lots.


10. Line Painting,

- Line painting for every application on any surface on any road, parking lot, garage or anywhere you may require.


11.  Winter Services

-  includes plowing, salting and anti-ice systems and programs, On call, one time service, regular automatic  deploy of equipment, - For all or any parking lot, roads, driveways, or any other surface

Call ASK Contracting Inc. on our 24 hour line at 1-800-514-1442